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Selection of polar explorers in the 25th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition began in Ukraine

We invite professional, courageous and interested people to participate in the competition of candidates for the 25th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition. In order to work during the year at the Academic Vernadsky Station, a detachment of 6-7 scientists, three persons of engineering and technical staff (diesel engineer, system mechanic, system communications administrator), a doctor and a cook are formed. Everyone has the unique opportunity to engage in Antarctic research, to showcase their creativity and talents.

Competition requirements do not contain gender restrictions, but due to difficult working conditions, they have age restrictions – we invite applicants aged 25 to 45 years. General requirements for competitors – experience of not less than five years; fluency in English or Spanish; absence of chronic diseases and contraindications to work in extreme conditions of the Antarctic; ability to work in deprivation, non-conflict and communication skills; no bad habits.

You can find out specific requirements for specialists for each of the required profiles, as well as for remuneration at the link: http://uac.gov.ua/scientific-research/antarktika-v-poshukax-profesionaliv/

The competition will take place in three stages.

The first stage – competition of documents. First of all it is necessary to send on the e-mail of NASC uac@uac.gov.ua the completed questionnaire of the scientist (Anketa 1) or station specialist  (Anketa 2) and copies of the documents listed in the questionnaire of the scientist / specialist.

Participants of the competition can also personally submit documents to the department of legal support and personnel work of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine at the address: Kyiv, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, 16, ground floor, room 104. Telephone for information: (044) 246-38-80 (coordinator of competition – Natalia Mikovaivna Levchenko).

The deadline for submitting documents is November 1, 2019.

The second stage – job interview, which is assigned to the search engines after reviewing the submitted documents and checking their compliance with the requirements of the competition. Therefore, the participants admitted to the second stage of the competition must undergo psychological testing with the participation of scientists and specialists of the Center with the involvement of specialists of specialized institutions of NAS and MES of Ukraine.

The third stage. The selection committee approves the nominations of future winterers, as well as the composition of their doublers, all of whom must pass a medical commission in a specialized institution, organized and funded by SO NASC.

Applicants who have successfully passed the medical commission are enrolled in the expedition and receive five-day training and training at the expense of SO NASC.

25th Expedition operate at the Academic Vernadsky Antarctic Station throughout the year: from late March to early April 2020 till April 2021.

Recall that in 2018 for the first time in the open competition was selected composition of participants 24th Expedition, currently working in Antarctica. Last year, 178 people applied for the competition, including 32 women. So, for the first time in 21 years, women were detained by winter camps – biologist Oksana Savenko and doctor Natalia Babiy are currently working in 24th Expedition.

Source: uac.gov.ua

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