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Chinese government awards 45 scholarships to study or internship for Ukrainians – applications will be accepted by December 27

Ukrainians will be able to receive training or internships in Chinese universities – for this, the Chinese side has awarded 45 scholarships under the Science Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

The offer is focused on study at the following levels: Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate, Intern.

You can apply by December 27, 2019.

List of documents required for submission:

1. Questionnaire completed (original).

2. Application form completed at the link.

3. Application form completed (Chinese or English). After filling out this questionnaire, you must print one questionnaire, there must be one original photo and caption questionnaire and two copies of this questionnaire. The questionnaire must contain Agency number – 8041. Instructions to complete the application.

4. Copy of passport page. The applicant submits a clearly scanned copy of his / her passport, which expires no later than March 1, 2021. If the valid passport does not meet this requirement, the applicant must submit documents for the receipt of a new passport before submitting the application. Candidates who cannot apply for passports before submitting their applications for objective reasons, with the permission of the guiding party, may send a scanned copy of the identity card or official documents containing the English name, nationality, date of birth and other information.

5. Originals of recent education documents. Documents must be submitted in notarized format, translated into Chinese or English (originals of notarized copies and 2 copies of originals of notarized copies).

6. Students must submit a certificate confirming the status of the student from their educational institution and an academic certificate (excerpt from the record book) (students of secondary schools submit an extract with scores for the last six months) (Chinese or English) (original and 2 copies).

7. Study plan, indicating exactly why the candidate wants to study in English or Chinese (if the curriculum is in Chinese, an English or Ukrainian translation must be added) (original and copy).

8. Two letters of recommendation in English or Chinese, prepared by a professor or associate professor (in case of submission in Chinese, English or Ukrainian must be translated) (two originals and two copies).

9. Candidates with a degree in Musicology must submit a disc with their works, a specialty in Fine Arts – a disc with their own works, which includes two sketches, two color paintings and two other works.

10. Cover letter in English or Ukrainian (original and copy).

11. Foreign Physical Examination Form photocopies and AIDS test results. All fields in the form must be filled in (English or Chinese). Incomplete forms, without the doctor’s signature and the official seal of the hospital are invalid (two copies, the original remains in the applicant for submission to Chinese universities).

12. Applicants who have pre-enrollment letters from Chinese universities must attach them to the application packet (for this, applicants must contact the office of a foreign student at a Chinese university who is studying for scholarships and receive a pre-enrollment letter).

13. Applicants with a HSK Certificate of Chinese language proficiency must attach it to the document pack (two copies, original with the applicant).

All documents must be sent in two formats – electronic and paper – to the addresses:

Addresses for paper sheets:

Pobedy avenue, 10, 01135, Kyiv, Ukraine,

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,

Head Office for International Cooperation.

Note: Scholarships for study in China 2020

Please keep documents in the mailbox for correspondence.

It should be noted that all materials should be attached in the upper left corner (in paper format there should be 2 copies: the first package of documents – the original, the second – a copy).

Email box: scholarshipsmon@gmail.com (scanned PDFs, note in the subject of the letter “Scholarships for PRC 2020”).

Learn more about competition at www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or www.campuschina.org and in newsletter and in the note from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ukraine. 

Source: МESUrbc.ua

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