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Open Forum of European Science

The 9th Open EuroScience Forum (ESOF), a pan-European research and innovation conference, will take place from July 5 to July 9, 2020 in Trieste, Italy. The main task is to discuss the latest achievements and discoveries in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, to discuss further ways of developing science and innovation.

The Forum is one of the best opportunities for everyone (from leading scientists, young researchers, business people, politicians, science and technology promoters to the general public) to come together and learn more about how science is helping progress today.

The ESOF2020 will include several programmatic areas:

– scientific program: seminars, workshops and discussions on contemporary research and related legal, regulatory and policy issues;

– Science for Business Program: aimed at creating opportunities for industrialists, researchers, policy makers, business and scientific organizations to interact, explore and discuss breakthroughs in science, share ideas and best practices to enhance commercialization opportunities research results;

– Career Program: Understand how the job market is developing, what new opportunities are emerging, and provide tools to understand trends in relevant skills;

– Science in the City Festival: a public engagement program that will begin two weeks before the official launch of the ESOF2020 program.

Some European research organizations may receive grants to participate in the Forum.

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