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Transfusion of heated blood from one hand to another strongly stimulates immunity

— The essence of our development is that, without resorting to the help of medicines, to stimulate the human immunity against various infections, – says the developer of innovative technology, Candidate of Medical Sciences from Lviv Alexander Nezgoda. His method of stimulating immunity was recognized as the best in one of the nominations of the competition for scientific projects conducted by UNIDO in Ukraine, a UN unit responsible for industrial development. – People have long been able to recover, forcing the immune system to activate by heating – drink hot teas, warm mulled wine, keep their feet in warm water, wrap … My technology is also based on heating the body. But its advantage is that it more powerfully stimulates the body’s defenses than anything else – the same hot drinks or medicines.

— How do you manage to influence immunity so much?

— Everything is extremely simple and, very importantly, completely safe. With the help of the medical system, we take a certain amount of blood from the hand, heat it in a special preparation and pour it into the other hand. As a result, the body triggers a powerful immune response – as an invasion of pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

— At what temperature do you heat your blood?

— I do not want to say a specific figure. I will only say that the temperature is above 36.6 degrees Celsius, but it is absolutely safe. Note that there have been treatments for some illnesses where the patient’s body has been heated over 45 degrees. This resulted in high mortality. In our case, the temperature is much lower.

— Does your method accelerate recovery?

— Yes, if used in the early stages of the disease. In addition, the time frame for managing ailment depends, in fact, on what the disease is. The technique is effective in combating infections.

— And yet, for how long can a common ailment such as SARS be cured by heating blood?

— I can’t say for sure. The fact is that while we have used this method only in very difficult cases. For example, with purulent lesions of the pleura (the shell covering the lungs). One to two liters of manure accumulated in the pleura. As a rule, such pathologies require surgery. The application of our technique helped to do without the help of surgeons and gave good results. In addition, we have successfully used the technique for pneumonia and pleurisy (the appearance of fluid in the pleural cavity).

— How did you find volunteers who agreed to be treated with the new immunity boost method?

— I did not have to look for them: the patients at the hospital learned about the methodology and came to us. We treated almost 70 people.

Source: fakty.ua

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