High-performance rectilinear vacuum-arc cathode plasma source with filtration from particulates

Research area – plasma.

Purpose – for effective coverage of all kinds of surfaces.


– application of various types of coatings:

– wear-resistant coatings with a low coefficient on friction elements of machine parts and mechanisms in the tool industry, mechanical engineering, textile industry, etc .;

– multicomponent wear-resistant coatings based on nitride, carbides, oxides and their mixtures for strengthening precision tools, compressor blades and aircraft engine turbines;

– biologically inert coatings, optically transparent, dielectric, corrosive coatings, chemically inert coatings.

Description. The plasma source implements a configuration of a transporting magnetic field, a system of reflectors and traps for macroparticles, which makes it possible to provide high-quality coatings with a significant increase in the generation of purified plasma flows in comparison with existing filtration systems for vacuum arc plasma.


  1. Functional benefits:

    – increase in equipment productivity by 1.5-2 times;

    – uniformity of coating ± 5% in thickness;

    – exclusion of polishing stages after coating.

  1. Operational benefits:

    – stability of the source regardless of the degree of cathode burnout;

    – design simplicity.

  1. Financial benefits:

    – cost savings due to increased productivity;

    – cost savings due to the elimination of the polishing stage;

    – metal consumption of the source is less than that of curved filters.

Novelty. 3 patents of Ukraine. 4 patents of other countries.

Readiness. Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Sale of licenses. Realization of finished products. Co-production, sale, operation.

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