Who are we?

The Open Innovation Platform helps startups and organizations create, develop, and commercialize successful technologies and developments. Various tools and approaches in a complex will manage and support all participants in the commercialization process during the research, ideas, launch and popularization of the project.

Why are we?

In today’s world, innovative platforms and ecosystems help create successful projects in any industry. 8 out of 10 successful corporations build their business on similar platforms and systems. By operating on platforms, such corporations always get the best results among others. So, if you are part of a startup project or a young corporation and do not invest in the development of “platforming” and a digital strategy, you will not be able to ensure your growth.

We truly believe in the power of mutual cooperation and the real digital transformation of the scientific process. Successful commercialization is possible only through cooperation and the creation of network enterprises. That’s why we use our experience in commercializing innovative developments to help and assist you in creating a successful enterprise, organization and corporation, successfully integrated into the modern innovation ecosystem.  

What are we doing?

The Open Innovation Platform is a new type of tools for business and strategies; it allows managers of organizations and enterprises, innovative teams and startup projects to understand and create new levers and models for digital expansion of their business.

Tools can be divided into 3 main components:

  • Innovation Plan – a detailed plan that will guide you from an idea to its implementation.
  • Set of scenarios – different ways and approaches to organizing a joint commercialization process.
  • Implementation – obtaining results, further development.

A similar scheme is used by organizations all over the world (corporations, startup projects, public organizations) to create platforms, ecosystems or decentralized business corporations.

How do we do this?

The Open Innovation Platform facilitates discussions among leaders of organizations and innovation groups in various formats:

  • Innovative seminars and programs.
  • Scientific expertise.
  • Master classes and trainings.

If you want to interact with us, look through the section Upcoming events or Other service about our future events.

The algorithm of our work:

Thanks to an automated system ASFIMIR, implemented on the basis of UkrISTEI, we are able to independently find the most promising technologies and developments, accompanying them from presenting ideas on paper to successful commercialization.

Our main steps in this direction:

  • Collection of information.
  • Processing of collected information.
  • Analysis of the processed information.
  • Data monitoring.
  • Data update.
  • Implementation through commercialization.
  • Maintenance of the finished product.

Our activity is aimed at:

  • Bridging the gap between the stages of the innovation process.
  • Strengthening the coordination of actions and efforts of various enterprises with the support of innovation.
  • Increased support for innovative projects in terms of consulting, fundraising, engineering services.
  • Strengthening the motivation of participants in the technological process to participate in innovation.
  • Creation of a system of full-fledged management of the results of intellectual activity, currently implemented in the form of protection and support of intellectual property.
  • Completion of the development of organizational and economic mechanisms for the interaction of technological process participants with small innovative companies.
  • Increasing in the number of contacts with large businesses, government agencies, venture and other innovation support funds, technology parks, and other potential consumers and development customers.

Our goals are:

  • Development of scientific, technical and innovative strategic and information technologies to ensure sustainable development of the economy, science, business and other areas of Ukraine.
  • Stimulating the innovative growth of the scientific potential of Ukraine, expanding scientific and industrial cooperation and the formation of effective partnerships, supporting scientific and technological activities and processes of modernization of the scientific fields of activity of individual enterprises using innovative technologies.
  • Improving regulatory regulation in the field of innovative technologies.
  • Joint efforts of representatives of business, science, the state and citizens interested in organizing public activities to create promising commercial technologies, new products and services through the use of innovative technologies.
  • Attracting additional public, corporate and private financial and material resources in order to conduct the necessary research and development.

Our main tasks:

  • Provision of scientific and research work (research) and research and development (R & D).
  • Carrying out modernization.
  • Contributing to increasing the efficiency of existing mechanisms for exchanging scientific and technical information in the scientific space of Ukraine and the world.

Our team can help you on the path of commercializing your development, creating your own business. This process is laborious, but we are ready to work together to create a successful innovation ecosystem!