Since 2013, on the basis of an automated system for the formation of integrated interstate information resources (ASFIMIR), the implementation of a joint interstate project “Development of mechanisms for organizing an interstate Ukrainian-Chinese information and technology platform for collective use” began. The partners in this project are the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information (UkrISTEI) and the Institute of High Technologies of the Heilongjiang Province Academy of Sciences (IHT ANPH) of the People’s Republic of China in Harbin. As part of the implementation of this project, Interstate information and technological platform for the transfer of collective-use technologies was created at UkrISTEI.

The Platform’s work is aimed at increasing the efficiency of technology commercialization in Ukraine, at creating an integrated electronic platform to provide comprehensive support to business entities in Ukraine and other countries, in promoting innovation on the international technology market, at developing and creating infrastructure elements of an information technology platform, their mechanisms interactions.

In 2016, preparations began for the implementation of a joint Ukrainian-Belarusian scientific project jointly with the Republican Center for Technology Transfer (RCTT) “Building the Ukrainian-Belarusian segment of the information technology transfer platform for the transfer of shared technologies based on automated resource generation systems UkrINTEI and RCTT“.

In 2018, between UkrISTEI and the Institute for Research of Strategies for the Development of Science and Technology of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (PRC), Uruchmi, an agreement was signed on the project “Creation of the Ukrainian-Chinese Center for Scientific and Technical Information on the Basis of the Interstate Information and Technology Platform for Technology Transfer collective use for the formation of an electronic resource with new scientific and technological achievements and high technologies of Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China”. 

At that time, the main vector of users was China and the CIS countries, with which UkrISTEI has been actively cooperating for decades in the scientific, technological and information spheres.

In 2018, the implementation of the project “Development of an Interregional Technology Transfer Network” within the framework of the implementation of the Financing Agreement for the Sectoral Policy Support Program was begun. The main purpose of creating an interregional technology transfer network is to develop institutions and networks in the area of ​​knowledge transfer technology and innovation. The Interregional Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer operates on the basis of UkrISTEI for support, methodological and information support and coordination of regional technology transfer networks. Regional Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centers operate in Odesa on the basis of the Odesa National Economic University and in Kharkiv on the basis of the Public Organization “Technology Business Incubator “Kharkiv Technologies”.

In 2019, there was a need to radically revise the existing structure and functionality of the platform. As a result, an updated platform appeared – with new functionality and modern design. The service also received a new name – Open Innovation Platform.  

The vector of cooperation of the Platform has also expanded. Now the service is open for cooperation with institutions with any country in the world.