Republican Center for Technology Transfer (Belarus)

Republican Center for Technology Transfer (RCTT) is a voluntary non-profit association of government bodies, commercial and non-profit organizations or their divisions, which are developing the policy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of technology transfer or engaged in the field of technology transfer.



Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere (Belarus)

Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere (BELISA) was created with the aim of fulfilling the functions of a system analysis of the state and development trends of the scientific and technical sphere, carrying out scientific research and development for scientific and information support of the activities of the Republic of Belarus, other government bodies and government Republic of Belarus, scientific organizations, legal entities and individuals.



Enterprise Europe Network Ukraine (European Union)


The Enterprise Europe Network is a global international network of 70 countries. The network includes more than 600 business associations, about 20,000 business offers and technological developments. Each year, EEN holds around 700 business events and b2b meetings, where entrepreneurs from around the world look for business partners.




XINJIANG Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute of China


The Chinese Institute is studying the issue of the influence of the economic component in the process of formation and development of an innovative society in the state. 




Institute of high technologies of the Academy of Sciences of the Heilongjiang Province (China)


The Chinese Institute deals with the problems of technology transfer, innovative development, protection of intellectual property rights, etc.




Invention Store (Germany)

German web portal with advanced inventions by German scientists. Free access to the latest technologies, intellectual property protection procedures, recommendations and assistance in the commercialization of developments.



Ukrainian-Turkish Coordination Center for Scientific and Technical Research (Turkey)


Cooperation between the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” and the Istanbul Technical University İTÜNOVA (Turkey). They conduct research in innovative technologies in such various fields as: electronics, engineering, space, aviation, etc.




National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise (Kazakhstan)

The National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise ensures the unity of administration, independence, transparency and publicity in the examination of scientific, scientific, technical and innovative projects and programs. The mission of the Center is to contribute to the realization of the potential of domestic scientists, scientific organizations and collectives by organizing an independent and objective scientific and technical examination aimed at identifying the most promising scientific projects and programs, as well as improving the quality of scientific research.



Georgian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information

Georgian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (TECHINFORM) is a scientific and technical organization of Georgia. It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary information center. TECHINFORM carries out research, technological and practical activities in the field of search, collection, classification, analysis and synthesis of scientific and technical information.





National Institute for Economic Research (Moldova)


The Institute of Economics, Finance and Statistics (IEFS) is an organization operating in the field of science and innovation. It was formed as a result of the merger of the Institute for Economic Research of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the National Institute of Economics and Information of the Ministry of Economy and Trade. The Institute’s activity is to conduct research in the field of economics, finance, statistics, social sector reform and the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the world economy.



Center for Science and Innovation under the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

As part of its work, the Center identified the main areas of activity – the physicochemical field, oil and petrochemistry, the study of the geodynamics of the Earth, the development of genomics, biotechnology, molecular genetics were recognized as promising and priority for NASA.



Research Institute of Economic Reforms (Azerbaijan)

A research institution conducts research, directs innovation in various areas of the economic life of the state. Submits to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.