Ukrainian HEI showed their developments at KYIV TECH HUB

Advanced startups of Ukrainian universities have joined the international conference KYIV TECH HUB, which is one of the effective sites for foreign investors. It took place on October 3, 2019 in Kyiv, under the Polish-Ukrainian initiative Startup Bridge.

“This platform was created, in particular, to strengthen cooperation between Ukraine and Poland. Here young and talented innovators can express themselves and get opportunities for the development of their ideas,” said First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Yuriy Polyukhovych at the opening of the conference.

Thus, the participants were able to submit their projects to Polish venture funds, as well as to private and public organizations responsible for grant funding.

In KYIV TECH HUB among others took part this year’s finalists of the All-Ukrainian Innovation Festival. So, the team of Lviv Polytechnic Business Innovation Center presented their project Plerdy – a multifunctional solution for improving site conversion. The advantage of development is a large set of tools that allows you to change the site online.

Other finalists – the team of Peter Mohyla Black Sea National University – demonstrated the HomeMappy app. It will help people with disabilities or visual impairments easier to find things indoors. Using the camera on the device, this application recognizes objects and through voice guidance directs the owner in space.

The conference lasted for 24 hours. You can watch the broadcast at Organizers Facebook page.

Source: МESU

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