Unmanned aerial vehicle “SPECTATOR”

Research area – aviation and space.

Purpose. Spectator is a new Ukrainian stealth unmanned vehicle designed to perform a wide range of reconnaissance missions in the interests of civil and military users.

Area. Control over the technical condition of remote and extended objects, ensuring the safety of their operation; aerial photography; search and rescue operations; exploration and monitoring of water and forest areas, oil and gas pipelines, the state border; conducting operational military intelligence.


  1. Wingspan: 1900mm.
  2. Length: 1100 mm.
  3. Flight speed range: 40-120 km / h.
  4. Payload weight: 1.1kg.
  5. Engine type: electric.
  6. Takeoff weight: 4 kg.
  7. Range of the video / radio channel: 20 km.
  8. The maximum flight altitude is 2000 m.
  9. Flight duration: up to 120 min.
  10. Launch: from the hand.
  11. Control method: automatic, semi-automatic, manual.
  12. Battery charge: 3:00, spare battery.

Description. The system consists of: an airplane, a ground control station, a control panel, a spare set of batteries, antennas, a backpack for carrying. The BPAK ground station allows receiving and transmitting signals for the drone at a distance of up to 30 km. The command-telemetry channel transmits information about the state, flight parameters and target coordinates, and also provides programming of the “Spectator” system. The radio control channel controls the UAV while suppressing the satellite navigation system and target load control. The video signal transmission channel transmits the image to the ground control station. Additionally, the device is equipped with a day / night vision device with 10x zoom, thermal and multispectral cameras, a high-resolution camera, a radiation background sensor and other equipment that can be changed at the request of the customer. “Spectator” is the first Ukrainian-made UAV, which entered the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


  1. The operation does not require highly qualified personnel (UAV operator training takes no more than 2 weeks).
  2. Ease of transportation, optimal folded dimensions (1200x700x300mm).
  3. Minimum preparation time for the launch from a disassembled state (up to 5 minutes).
  4. Low volume and visibility.
  5. Optimal payload-to-vehicle weight ratio.
  6. High aerodynamic properties.

Technical and economic effect. Impossibility of defeat by means of air defense; low operating costs.

Readiness. Introduced into production.

Cooperation. Realization of finished products. Joint production, sale, operation. Sale of licenses. Sale of patents.

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