Biotechnology of storage of a paste-like form of a complex insect-acaricidal microbial preparation Bactofungin-LS

Research area – biotechnology.

Purpose – study the development of biotechnology for storing a paste-like form of a complex insect-acaricidal biological product Bactofungin-LS and to study its effectiveness against insect pests.

Area. The biological product can be used in various sectors of the national economy, namely: plant growing, forestry, greenhouse farming, floriculture, it can also be used by the health service and in the recreation areas to regulate the number of blood-sucking insects and flies in their breeding sites. The drug can be produced at state and commercial enterprises of Ukraine.

Description. Plant protection from pests is one of the important factors in increasing crop yields. Until recently, the most common method was chemical insect control. But this method, with high efficiency, has disadvantages: chemical insecticides are mostly universal and kill not only harmful, but also beneficial insects; pollute the environment; insects develop resistance to insecticides, which leads to an increase in concentration and the introduction of new pesticides. In conditions of technogenic pollution of the environment, preference is given to the use of environmentally friendly biological products based on microbes and antagonists of insect pests. Bactofungin-LS is a biological preparation based on the association of natural bacteria B. thuringiensis and fungi B. bassiana, which is characterized by a wide spectrum of insect-acaricidal action against plant pests, blood-sucking insects and flies. Several forms of preparations of microbial entomopathogenic preparations are known. In conditions of low-tonnage production, liquid and pasty forms are produced, the use of which is limited by a short shelf life. Therefore, the search for effective means of storing drugs is one of the most promising directions in the production of bioinsecticides. This makes it possible to simultaneously address the issues of crop conservation, improve the quality of agricultural products and preserve the environment. The project proposes a technology for storing a pasty form of a complex insect-acaricidal biological product Bactofungin-LS, which consists in the use of CaCl2, preservatives and stabilizers.

Advantages. The proposed pasty form of a complex insect-acaricidal biological product has an advantage over existing analogues in that it acts on a much wider range of pests: larvae of butterflies, beetles, flies, thrips, aphids, ticks.

Novelty. 2 patents of Ukraine.

Readiness. Revision is needed.

Cooperation. Joint industrialization.

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