Research area – unconventional energy sources.

Purpose – for autonomous power supply of various electrical devices and power supply due to both converted solar energy during lighting (operating mode of the solar cell), and accumulated and converted solar energy in it when there is no lighting (battery operating mode).

Sphere – energy consumption; can be used in factories, various enterprises, industries.

Description. Photoaccumulator – a device for direct conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy, a secondary cell with an organic electrolyte. A feature of the proposed power supply is its ability to be fully charged by solar lighting. The photoaccumulator has a transparent window for illumination in a housing filled with a solution of a non-aqueous aprotic electrolyte with a redox pair, which are placed in a solution of a photoactive anode and an electrode for accumulation from current leads, which differ in that nanosized particles of a doped semiconductor are used as the material of the photoactive anode.


Devices of this class are not produced in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The advantages of the proposed solution are illustrated by the following comparative characteristics with world analogues:

– efficiency,%: 1.32 (prototype), 3 (proposed)

– specific energy intensity, MW year / s: 32 (prototype), 117 (proposed).

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Joint industrialization.

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