Domestic mobile robotic biomechanical apparatus-transformer “Exoskeleton” (EKS)

Research area – bioengineering.

Purpose – for manual lifting and movement of loads (for example, by surgeons, paramedics of military field medicine, etc.) to speed up the treatment (rehabilitation) of wounded with musculoskeletal disorders.

Scope of application. Organizations (mainly research) that can participate in methodological (instructive) support, development and production of new samples of BCE and ECS. We are looking for problem-interested business and industrial partners.

Description. The general tendency of the modern professional army is to focus on strengthening, first of all, the physical musculoskeletal capabilities of personnel of practically all combat arms. They are trying to solve this problem by using mobile robotic devices of the “exoskeleton” (EXS) class. They already exist as standard equipment for special forces units in the advanced armies of the world. Biomechanical EXS were first certified for medical use in Ukraine. Due to the transformed properties of structures, domestic ECSs are multipurpose (for example, they can be simultaneously used as professional simulators, have individual or multi-dimensional performance, etc.). Already existing BKEs are suitable for replication. They are available and useful in solving the listed ECS tasks. The development has high intellectual property protection (know-how, patents for inventions, international recognition, etc.), problem-oriented certification, with permission for mass production, and is open to expanding the scope of application.

Advantages. Domestic ECS are quite competitive in functionality to existing analogs, significantly surpassing them in terms of the ratio of the “price-quality” indicator. This advantage is explained by the use of transformer technologies at all stages of the ECS life cycle. For example, the modularity and openness of the design architecture of EKS, BKE and the possibility of creating different levels of complexity of the design (the level of homology and functionality) make it possible to optimize the size of their serial production. Together with their own and borrowed external modules, they are able to form useful hybrid designs.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. Needs some work.

Cooperation. Joint industrialization.

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