Microbial biotechnology of wastewater treatment from concentrated soluble organic compounds to obtain “environmentally friendly” water

Description: Today, there are no environmental technologies that ensure the purification of industrial wastewater from concentrated organic compounds. Their high concentration excludes cleaning by means of biological treatment facilities, resulting in continuous pollution of the environment. The Ukrainian Institute has developed microbial biotechnology, which makes it possible to purify industrial wastewater from ultra-high concentration soluble organic compounds using granules of a microbial preparation. The result is environmentally friendly water. Microbial biotechnology makes it possible with high efficiency to reduce the content of soluble concentrated organic compounds from tens and hundreds of thousands to 20-50 mg / l. Its tests on the sewage of the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky” showed that the concentration of soluble compounds decreased from 10,000-20,000 mg / l to 50 mg / l. The technology is based on the metabolic and spatial succession of microbial communities. Technology properties: the destruction of organic compounds in a flow-through unit; fast anaerobic fermentation of organic compounds; oxidation of residual organic compounds to a final concentration of 20-50 mg / l. The development has no analogues in the world – both in terms of efficiency and cost. Applications: food industry associated with the formation of concentrated soluble organic compounds; environmentally safe handling of toxic leachate from megacities; animal husbandry.

Expected result of the investment: Manufacturing of a plant and implementation of the proposed biotechnology on the customer’s wastewater to be treated. It is also possible to sell know-how, purchase a granular microbial preparation.

Contribution of the organization proposing the project: Created experimental-industrial technology; agreed pilot industrial operational regulations; biotechnology has passed a pilot test at the wastewater of the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky”.

Expected investment amount: Manufacturing the installation and testing the technology on the customer’s waters will cost $ 200,000, the estimated cost of revision is $ 100-200 thousand.

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