Sunflower encapsulated oil technology


The development is aimed at expanding the range of fat and oil raw materials, in particular sunflower oil, and culinary dishes and products with its use; adjusting the nutritional and energy value of the diets of the population, saturating them with useful nutrients due to the introduction of encapsulated sunflower oil into the technological process of culinary dishes and products. It is implemented in business processes and establishments of the restaurant industry. It can be used as an independent product, a semi-finished product of a high degree of readiness and be an element of decoration for culinary dishes and products. Recommended for people who adjust the nutritional and energy value of diets with healthy fat and oil products.


Food industry.


The thermal stability of the capsule shell allows it to be used as part of culinary products at temperatures up to 99 ° C, dosage and intactness of the fat and oil component. There are no world analogues.


A scientifically substantiated technology for the production of encapsulated sunflower oil through vertical (top to bottom) coaxial extrusion into a two-layer receiving medium has been developed. The technology makes it possible to encapsulate hydrophobic food systems, namely oils, fats and fatty mixtures, into a hydrophilic shell. A spherical product with a diameter of 6-12.0 mm with an intact component allows: masking the odors of fat and oil raw materials with edible packaging; slow down the oxidation of fats due to the lack of contact with atmospheric oxygen; adjust the shelf life depending on disturbing external factors and extend the time for the sale of culinary dishes. The integrity of the capsule during mechanical mixing in the production of culinary dishes allows you to control the release of the fat and oil component at the required technological stage; thermal stability of the casing expands the range of use of fat and oil raw materials in the composition of culinary products with a selling temperature of 65-75 ° С.

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