Innovation, investment, women’s leadership: Kyiv will host the annual international conference – UIIS 2021

A large-scale international conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of friendship and disclosing the prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and Israel will be held in Kyiv on December 15. Visitors can join the participation online by prior registration.

On December 15, 2021, the fourth international conference Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit will take place. This year the event is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of friendship and the disclosure of innovative prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and Israel.

With his welcoming speech, the summit will be supported by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal. The event will be attended by officials from Ukraine and Israel, representatives of leading technology companies, prominent scientists, scientists and public figures of both countries. The event will be held with the support of the Embassies of the State of Israel in Ukraine and Ukraine in Israel.

This year, the organizers have expanded the traditional theme of the summit. In addition to technological innovation, business cooperation, venture investment and investment attraction, the conference will cover such topical topics as promoting the country’s brand in the international arena and the concept of “soft power” in women’s leadership. In addition, within the framework of the conference, for the first time in 30 years of diplomatic friendship between Ukraine and Israel, an award ceremony will be held for the “top 30 creators of Israeli-Ukrainian change” – outstanding Israelis and Ukrainians who have made a significant contribution to the development of cooperation and partnership between the countries.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Ukraine-Israel 2030: How to Build a Bridge of Innovation and Cooperation. Officials of the two countries will examine the technological ecosystems of Ukraine and Israel, the key stages of development and the results of Ukrainian-Israeli technological relations, as well as discuss prospects and plans for the future.
  • Medical management of the future: Ukrainian-Israeli cooperation in healthcare technologies. How can Ukraine use Israel’s advanced experience in medicine and healthcare? Representatives of the Ministry of Health and heads of leading medical centers in Israel and Ukraine will talk about the latest developments in the field of transplantation, rehabilitation, etc.
  • FUTURE TECH Pitch Bar. Presentation of the most exciting technologies of the future that will change the world. Israeli startups already working on technologies that will change our way of life. From reading opinions to technologies to help overcome the climate crisis.
  • Israeli construction technologies in the rapidly growing cutting-edge real estate market in Ukraine. How Israel’s construction technologies can strengthen the real estate market in Ukraine. Leading Ukrainian developers will present an overview of the Ukrainian real estate market and key innovative requests, while Israeli startups ConTech will provide an elevator pitch solution. The most successful solution will be a common pilot project.
  • The Evolution of Female Leadership: Soft Power Is a Key Tool for Business Success. Dialogue and exchange of international experience between prominent representatives of Israel and Ukraine, who have achieved significant professional success in various industries. There is an open conversation about the influence of “soft power”, the voice of a woman and the opportunity to unite and strengthen these voices to solve many problems and find answers to today’s challenges.
  • New landscape and horizon: from outsourcing to synergy of services and products. An Israeli view of the transformation of the Ukrainian outsourcing market, the achievement of new ways of business synergy in the field of products and services, the best examples of Israeli-Ukrainian cooperation.
  • The award ceremony for the “Top 30 Creators of Israeli-Ukrainian Change”. For the first time in the history of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Israel, we are holding a solemn ceremony of awarding outstanding Israelis and Ukrainians who have made a significant contribution to the development of cooperation and partnership, as well as to the growth of mutual assistance, support and strengthening of friendly relations between our peoples.

The conference will be held in a hybrid offline-online format. It will be possible to join the offline conference only by an official invitation, however, everyone can join the conference online for free by prior registration. You can register to participate in the summit right now by following the link.

“We have significantly expanded the range of key topics of the summit and finally moved to the offline-online format, which allowed us to go beyond high-tech and unite all the important players of the Ukrainian and Israeli ecosystems on one platform. The Ukrainian-Israeli Innovation Summit 2021 will be held with the participation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, official representatives of states and leading managers of technology companies, Israelis and Ukrainians. Thanks to the summit, our countries have achieved significant indicators in technology and innovation. In the last 2 years alone, the volume of sales of Ukrainian IT services to Israeli clients amounted to about $ 200 million. We are ready to expand our positive experience to other areas of interaction between Ukraine and Israel”, says Olena Novgorodska, founder of the summit, CEO of the Global Israeli Initiative.

The co-organizers of the Ukrainian-Israeli Innovation Summit 2021 were: the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel. The venue for the meeting in Kyiv is provided by another co-organizer of the summit – the UNIT.City Innovation Park. On the part of Israel, the Venture Fund VentureIsrael, Simple Investing & Really Building and VIZHU joined the organization of the conference.