Tritium static electricity neutralizer


To neutralize static electricity charges generated on film and sheet materials, paper, fabrics, etc.


The NTSE neutralizer is a case containing boards with tritium beta-radiation sources of the BITr-M type fixed on them according to TU U 05540132.015-97, covered with a grid. The ionization current on the working surface of the NTSE-1 … –50 type neutralizers (the numbers indicate the number of BITr-M type sources) is not less than 0.216–10.81 μA. Designated service life – 8 years.


Application in a wide range of industries.


High efficiency and complete autonomy (as opposed to high-voltage and induction), compactness, simplicity and ease of use, reliability and durability, the ability to operate in explosive and fire hazardous conditions, no need for power supplies, a wide range of applications, low costs and environmental purity.

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