Korean Enterprise Seeks Partners to Improve Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) and Flame Retardant Panels

Korean company founded in 2008 specializing in the production of two products:

  • устройств защиты от бросков напряжения и
  • негорючих панелей

The company needs:

  1. Technology for determining the wear rate of metal oxide varistors (MOVs) used in surge protection devices (SPDs).
  2. Ways to add new functionality to non-combustible panels.

1: MOV is a key component in determining the lifespan of an SPD. The company has difficulty determining the remaining life of the MOV and therefore cannot predict when the device will need to be replaced. The company is looking for a partner with this technology and is ready to cooperate on the terms of a technical cooperation agreement or to create a joint venture.

2: The company also produces non-combustible panels used in construction. The company is looking for a partner who has the technology to add additional functions to panels (sound insulation, environmental friendliness or biodegradability) – any function or benefit that could increase the panel’s competitiveness. The company is also ready to acquire a license for such technologies.

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