German company needs a partner to develop a multifunctional water meter

A German SME specializes in water treatment technologies for buildings and industries. The company has the experience and expertise in corrosion prevention and water treatment using ion exchange resins. The company also works as a consultant for larger businesses.

As part of the consulting services provided, the company received the task to develop a multifunctional water flow meter for measuring the electrical conductivity of water (μS / cm), water temperature (° C), current water flow (l / min) and total flow (l).

The electronics and software must be part of a portable compact device that will be used by plumbers and field service personnel.

The company is looking for a partner who, within the framework of a technical cooperation agreement, will develop an electronic part and software. The project provides employment for 3-4 employees. The company already has a specialist who will develop the device case. Specialists in electronics and software development are required.

Required partner competencies:

  • development of printed circuit boards and software;
  • drawing up technical specifications for devices;
  • experience in the development of mains and battery powered devices;
  • experience in the development of electronic devices that measure physical quantities such as electrical resistance;
  • knowledge of modern energy-saving components.

Tasks for the partner:

  • preparation of technical specifications for the device in close cooperation with a German company;
  • selection of a commercially available element base;
  • electronics development (printed circuit board and device programming);
  • development of software for Windows for communication with the device.

At the end of the project, the PCB design and other technical documentation must be handed over to the German company in such a way that the company can order production from a third party.

Software development must be documented in such a way that a third party can accept the data and continue working.

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