For the treatment of honey bees affected by the Varroa mite.


Beekeeping, agriculture, veterinary medicine, food technology.


    • leads to 100% death of ticks;
    • has a pronounced fungicidal effect;
    • does not cause adaptability of microorganisms;
    • environmentally friendly and safe person;
    • does not accumulate in the body of bees.


One of the diseases of bees, which can lead to the death of entire colonies, is varroatosis, which develops as a result of damage by the Varroa mite. “VAROTOX-R5” – a drug for the treatment of varroatosis, is a composite mixture of natural origin derivatives of organic carboxylic acids. The mechanism of action is selective. Belongs to the class of acaricides. It is used for both strong and weak bee colonies.

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