Activation technology for polyolefin surfaces


For modifying polymeric surfaces by controlling the amount of reactive peroxide groups in the grafted peroxide layer.


Chemical industry.


Allows to obtain polyolefin surfaces with specified bactericidal, bio- and hemocompatible properties, in particular, surfaces of polymer implants, surfaces with UV protection and with a covalently grafted layer of a gel-forming polymer; helps regulate adhesive properties.


Modification of the surface of polyolefins makes it possible to expand the range of their use (in medicine, automotive and mechanical engineering), to increase the adhesion strength of special and decorative coatings to polyolefin surfaces. A technology for the activation (peroxidation) of polyolefin surfaces by covalent grafting of heterofunctional polyperoxides N [(alkyl(alkyl)peroxy)methyl]acrylamides to its surface is proposed.

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