Combined technology for increasing the working life of friction pairs


Modification of the operational properties of the external and internal working surfaces of friction pairs of reciprocating and rotational type to improve their strength, tribological, fatigue and corrosion characteristics in production and repair processes.


Mechanical engineering.


Possibility of processing hard-to-reach internal surfaces, performance of all technological processing steps within one vacuum cycle, simplified manufacturing, reduced cost and operating costs compared to similar technologies based on vacuum-arc devices.


Processing of a detail with a diameter from 25 mm is possible. The technology contains a number of technological transitions performed in a working vacuum chamber during one vacuum cycle, in particular: ion-jet digestion and polishing of working surfaces to remove a layer with tensile stresses and obtain optimal surface roughness; ion-plasma (or ion-jet) nitriding of the working surface for mating with the subsequent layer of functional coating; application of a coating layer of the appropriate composition.

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