Aerodynamic systems for removing space objects from near-Earth orbits


Removal of spent space vehicles, large modular space structures and non-cooperative space debris fragments.


Space branch. Spacecraft construction.


Compared to analogues, the use of this system reduces the total weight of the removal system from 893 kg to 205 kg and the diameter of the aerodynamic element from 180 m to 34 m, the use of a conical aerodynamic trap increases the efficiency of capturing and removing uncooperative fragments of space debris from orbit, which increases efficiency.


The system contains a conical thin-walled film and an inflatable annular torus shell, in which inflatable spherical thin-walled film shells are placed. If it is necessary to remove a space object from orbit, the aerodynamic system turns around, as a result of which the aerodynamic drag force increases and the space object begins to be removed from orbit into dense layers of the atmosphere. Failure of up to 40% of the total number of shells does not affect its performance.

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