Development of innovative technologies for the provision of special finishes to military textiles

Which priority area of ​​science and technology does it correspond to: new substances and materials.

Research: applied.

Future prospect: to be completed.

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine.

Availability of a patent: 2 patents of Ukraine.

What additional actions require further research: does not require.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

In the process of performing research work, on the basis of a scientifically based approach to the selection of components of finishing compositions, taking into account their environmental safety, innovative technologies have been developed to impart fire-retardant and light-protective properties to military textile materials. The developed innovative technologies make it possible to obtain the necessary properties of cellulosic materials using finishing compositions and a single final treatment, which reduces energy costs and reduces water consumption. At the same time, the absence of formaldehyde-containing preparations in the finishing compositions determines the environmental friendliness of the products.

The results of the scientific research allow to reduce the material costs of the state for the purchase of military textile materials and at the same time contribute to bringing the domestic production of special-purpose textile materials to a new qualitative level, which will increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian goods on the world market. This indicates that the performed applied scientific research was aimed at solving important socio-economic problems and strengthening the security and defense capability of Ukraine.



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