French company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance for its innovative quick changer filter mechanized system

A French SME based in the south of France has developed a mechanized system to replace filters in few seconds which can be used on piping fluids transportation (gas, liquids).
The company is now looking for a partner with a good knowledge of end-user applications and processes in order to adapt the solution to the specifications of the filter’s market.
The French company, located in the south of France, is based on one motto: their solutions enable one person with zero tools to open a pipe and change or insert quickly on line a blind plate, a rupture disc, or a conic filter.

Their mechanical system is set in factory for all the long lifetime of the equipment :
– Tightness will be guaranteed whoever is going to operate the system (it is not a question of force-torque or knowledge)
– Repeatability and reliability of the operation is guaranteed

New applications/uses expected: enable end-users to replace a blocked/dirty filters in few seconds instead of hours and so improve the efficiency of the production unit.

New markets expected: all foods industries, papers, oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, waters treatments, and all new markets known by the future partner.

The company is now looking for a small or medium industrial company specialized in filter manufacturing with, ideally, an international sales network (internal or agent networks) for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.