A Ukrainian R&D centre is looking for European and world research centres providing a range of training and internships for researchers

A leading scientific institution in the educational system of Ukraine, with a history of over 20 years seeks out European and global research centres for live and online training and internships by its research staff. Areas of interest include: biochemistry, ecology, robotics, natural sciences, mathematical models, chemistry, biology, sensors. The Ukrainian R&D centre offers cooperation based on a services agreement.

This is a Ukrainian dynamic institution with an extensive background in scientific and educational research (funded in 2000), which is made up of a team of professional staff with long and proven experience in development, and application the information technologies.

Their activities concern, but are not limited to such directions:

  • Scientific research: conducting in order of state authorities the scientific and experimental studies on the creation, development, and application in the educational process, in educational institutions at all levels the information technologies;
  • Scientific-experimental: the creation of a network of research centres, experimental sites, pilot schools on the issues of the Institute; organization and implementation of large-scale experiments in teaching computer network pilot schools working on the latest teaching tools, ICT, and methods of their application in educational practice, e-learning and distance learning education, etc.;
  • Scientific coordination: coordination of research, design, and production of educational institutions, research institutions, and industrial enterprises on the creation and use in educational practice new learning tools and ICT;
  • Scientific and education: assisting educational institutions, scientific institutions, and industrial companies on implementation in the educational process a new generation of ICT, e-learning and distance learning education; training of qualified scientists – Ph.D.

Among their main recent activities:

  • participation in international projects (“V4+ Academic Research Consortium integrating databases, robotics and languages technologies”);
  • launching national wide projects: School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences.

They are open to establish partnerships with research institutions, educational institutions (schools, VET, higher education, adult).

Ukrainian institution is interested in a range of training and development opportunities for their staff, such as research programs, work in a laboratory, as well as mentoring. The internships can take place in person, online and in hybrid form. The contract will be formalised through a services agreement.

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