ICLUB Global launches an online platform for investments in startups from $10,000

The private investor club ICLUB Global launches the ICLUB Online online platform. With its help, everyone will be able to invest in early-stage startups together with the TA Ventures venture fund and other members of the club. Access to the platform is free, the investor pays only a commission for investment management and profit. The entry threshold is $10,000.

How the ICLUB Online platform works

The platform features companies that have undergone due diligence by TA Ventures, in which the fund itself invests. As emphasized by ICLUB Global, thanks to this, private investors without experience in venture investments can significantly reduce the risk when building their portfolio. 

To invest in a selected startup through ICLUB Online, you need:

  1. Register on the platform.
  2. Next, a representative of the club will contact the user to get acquainted with the features of the platform and the investment process, as well as pass KYC.
  3. Upon completion of registration, the user will have access to information about the startups presented on the platform, pitch decks and call records with project teams. Now ICLUB Global offers 2-4 startups every month.
  4. After making an investment decision, the user needs to specify the amount of the desired investment. Next, the club’s lawyers will contact the investor to complete the transaction.
  5. Investors on the platform invest with TA Ventures and exit the investment together. By the time of the exit, users receive quarterly reports on companies in their portfolio.

About ICLUB Global

It is a global network of private investor clubs founded by TA Ventures in 2018. Together with the fund, members of the club have invested in 64 European and American startups during this time and made 5 exits.

TA Ventures focuses on technology startups in Europe and North America developing projects related to digital health, mobility and logistics, enterprise software, consumer and financial technologies.

Today there are ICLUB Global clubs in Kyiv, Dubai, London, Monaco, Almaty and Cyprus. The plans include Zurich, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Baku, Malaga (Spain), Malta, Tenerife, New York and Miami.