A South Korean company is looking for partners with crude protein extraction technology under licensing agreements

A Korean company, established in 2012, is specialized in the field of biochemical. They have succeeded in extracting crude heparin, which is a representative blood anticoagulant component used for blood coagulation and blood clot prevention, for the first time in the country.

The Korean SME is currently looking for partners who have technologies to retrieve crude protein from *hydrolysates of pigs’ membranes.

The area where the company is located requires a higher filtration rate with wastewater treatment system than other cities in Korea because it has been designated as an agricultural-friendly city. In the primary processing of by-products, the recovery of proteins results in wastewater that meets the local wastewater treatment standards, as long as salt is filtered out of the secondary phase. If so, the company is planning to use this technology for determining the suitability of irrigation water in agricultural-friendly areas.

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