Dutch wastewater treatment company is looking for expertise and solutions to sustainably extract mineral oil from pre-pressed sludge cake.

The SME was established in 1968 and now has offices in in a number of cities in the Netherlands. During the 50 years of being active in the field of cleaning, construction, maintenance and inspection of sewers and sewage pumping stations, the SME is recognized as a specialist in the industry. Now they have about 190 skilled and motivated employees, the company is able to prevent and resolve sewer problems for numerous individuals, companies, water boards and housing corporations throughout the Netherlands.

At this moment the sludge cake, contaminated with mineral oil particles is disposed of in a landfill. From the point of view of social and sustainable responsibility the company wants to change this method of waste processing and depositing. They also take into account that they have to comply with future legislation. Of course, processing the released old mineral oils contributes to the desire to reuse raw materials.
The Dutch company is looking for a partner who can think and work on a technical solution for the problem of breaking or removing oil from the sludge.