A Dutch concrete factory is looking for a sustainable alternative for polyethylene foam for the protection of concrete plates

The Dutch concrete factory was founded in the 2004 and is now one of the leaders in the production of a large variety of prefabricated concrete elements; from structural walls to columns or floors.
The different concrete elements are stocked and then transported to the customers. For this logistical process specific spacers are used, in the industry these are known as “hands” or “fists”. The spacers ensure that the elements to be stored and or transported do not come into contact with each other and thus cannot be damaged.

The spacers are U-shaped, made of hot-dip galvanized steel. To prevent damage to the concrete elements, the U-shaped spacers are currently covered with a strip of polyethylene foam. From a sustainability point of view, the polyethylene foam strips / pads do not contribute to the sustainable strategic goals of the SME. In principle the foam pads are for one-time use. After transport they are thrown away, or worse; they are strewn around the construction site. Lots of them are spread by the wind and thereby are a burden to the environment.

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