Hardware-software complex for non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate of dual purpose

R&D registration number in UkrISTEI: 0120U101266

Year of study start: 2020

The total duration of the study (according to the plan): 2 years

Planned field of application and specific place of application: healthcare sector; LLC “Briolight-Ukraine”; FOP Kovriga Igor Mykolayovich, Kyiv

Funding source: state budget; general fund of the state budget

The amount of financing: more than 1000 thousand UAH. (UAH 1648.155 thousand)

Level of innovation: no analogues in Ukraine

Patent: no

Availability of an interested Customer: Briolight-Ukraine LLC; FOP Kovriga Igor Mykolayovich, Kyiv

Implementation: took place: Briolight-Ukraine LLC, Nikolaev; FOP Kovriga Igor Mykolayovich, Kyiv

Additional actions requiring further implementation: search for interested investors; expanding the range of research and updating the material and technical base; state support; approval of normative documentation

Brief description, technical and economic parameters of advantages and positive qualities.

An important indicator that characterizes the level of the scientific result obtained is the use of methods for processing large data sets that are not strictly periodic, moreover, obtained from smart devices. The effect of the implementation of these results is to formalize the calculation algorithm, substantiate the technique of working with data, recommendations for the implementation of methods in software development processes. This development is presented in the form of methods for processing large data arrays of indicators of the cardiovascular system with subsequent visualization for decision making, adaptation of these methods in the form of algorithms; the results obtained have been published in various scientific papers, a monographic study, and have been tested at conferences. The socio-economic orientation is manifested in the creation of fundamentally new products to ensure export potential and improve the quality of life and health of the population. The development can be implemented in production and healthcare.

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