Optical 3d profilometer

Purpose. Reproduction of surface topography and determination of roughness and waviness parameters.


  • Field of view, mm 3-34
  • Measured roughness Ra, µm
    • with one laser 0.01-0.12
    • with two lasers 0.2-6.0
  • Measured waviness, micron 0.1-40
  • Time of measurement and obtaining results, s ≤1
  • Weight, kg
    • microscope ~8
    • instrument with microscope ≤9.

Application area. Metal science.

Advantages. Non-contact method for obtaining vaginal interferograms. High performance. Rapid resizing of the observation area. Low production cost.

Description. The optical 3D profilometer is based on a binocular microscope. It combines a microscope, an interferometric attachment, a digital video camera and a sawtooth voltage generator in one design. Contains software for processing surface interferograms, controlling the phase-shifting element and synchronizing the operation of the device. The test sample is fixed on a two-coordinate microscope stage.

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