Air and ground situation representation system

Purpose. For situational centers for operational management of emergency situations, anti-terrorist operations for planning and monitoring the passage of operations in real time based on digital cartographic information and navigation data of moving objects.

Specifications. Representation of the situation against the background of a large-scale series (1:10000, 1:5000, 1:2000, 1:1000, 1:500) of electronic maps of the area.

Application area. Aircraft industry. VPK.

Advantages. An original ontological knowledge base containing both general cartographic data and thematic content of the visual image of the environment map. Modified character classifier of moving objects stored in a 32×32 pixel matrix. Maximum adaptation of the dynamic scene of the situation in accordance with the requests of the operator. A significant increase in the level of perception of the operational situation by the operator of the situational center for the election of adequate solutions.

Description. Algorithms for displaying dynamic information about moving objects using composite symbols with priority on a cartographic background with a resolution of 50 frames per second. It contains a complex of parallel programs for compatible processing of navigation data and a scanned image of the territory transmitted from the UAV camera with a resolution of 4 cm. It implements a method for processing digital aerial photography data obtained from an aircraft three-channel scanner, which allows creating digital elevation models.

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