Computer technology for modeling and forecasting complex interconnected processes

Purpose. The technology is designed to solve practical problems of modeling and forecasting complex interconnected processes of different nature based on statistical data, in particular, in digital economy systems.

Specifications. The technology was developed for PCs in OS Windows in C++.

Application area. Modeling and forecasting of socio-economic processes at various levels. Ministry of Economy, Environment and Finance, management bodies at regional, sectoral and production levels.

Advantages. The developed tools, unlike the known ones, make it possible to automatically identify internal dynamic patterns of behavior of interconnected socio-economic processes.

Technical and economic effect. The developed tools make it possible to comprehensively study and predict the balanced course of processes in the digital economy in order to provide information support for making informed management decisions at various levels.

Description. Methods for synthesizing system models of the dynamics of multidimensional interconnected processes in the class of difference equations of vector autoregression have been developed and implemented in software for intelligent modeling and forecasting of complex processes of various nature based on statistical data using high-performance recurrent-parallel computing.

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