Technology for determining the quality of metal castings based on a new method for comparing cooling curves of castings

Purpose. To improve the efficiency of control of thermal cooling processes of castings in order to support the decisions of the foundry during the casting manufacturing process.

Specifications. The software package was developed in the OS Windows environment using the SQLite programming language, and the software interface was developed in the Python programming language.

Application area. Foundry production (small-scale production). Enterprises and firms in Ukraine producing foundry products.

Advantages. The technology is original, its advantages are high speed and accuracy of determining the chemical composition of casting raw materials without laboratory research.

Technical and economic effect. The use of the developed technology will reduce the number of defective products and the costs of conducting experiments to select the quality composition of raw materials.

Description. A computer technology has been developed for determining the quality (chemical composition) of casting by comparing the cooling curves of experimental samples of molten metal with standard curves with previously known properties. Designed to support foundry decisions during the foundry process. The technology differs in that a polynomial approximation of the experimental cooling curve is automatically found, its special points are determined, and proximity to known approximated standards is determined as the norm of temperature differences at these points, which increases the accuracy of comparison of cooling curves for the purpose of quickly assessing the quality of casting.

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