Broadband secure information transmission system based on chaotic and fractal signals

Purpose. For transmitting information over a radio channel in a difficult electromagnetic environment.

Application area. Computer technology, national security and defense, radio engineering, telecommunications.

Advantages. Increased noise immunity of the infocommunication system; new coding methods; maintaining a high degree of confidentiality of information; the latest methods for eliminating interference in non-stationary channels using wavelet analysis.

Description. The project is aimed at developing new and improving existing methods for secure and noise-resistant information transmission using nonlinear dynamics with a view to their effective use in special communications systems critical to the defense capability and national security of the state, in particular in government services, armed forces, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs , State Emergency Service of Ukraine, etc. It is planned to develop components of information transmission systems: a generator of broadband, chaotic and fractal signals, a broadband signal modulator with a digital stream, a demodulator, an encoder/decoder.

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