Multifunctional rotordynamic dispersant unit for the paint and varnish industry

Purpose. The dispersant unit is used to disperse pigment in the production of paints and varnishes, both organic and mineral based.

Application area. Paint and varnish industry.

Advantages. The main advantage of the unit over analogous machines is the implementation of the working process without intermediate bodies (such as glass beads) and, accordingly, unproductive power consumption, as well as versatility, which allows you to replace the following machines: bead mill; pump. The absence of beads in the flow section can significantly increase the service life of the equipment, as well as reduce operating costs (no energy costs required when using beads, less loss of raw materials when changing the color scheme of products, etc.). In addition, the unit has smaller weight and size indicators compared to analogues, which allows the unit to be used in limited areas.

Description. The dispersant unit is a machine of a hydrodynamic principle of operation, in which several processes are simultaneously implemented: intensive hydrodynamic grinding of the pigment while ensuring high homogenization; pumping the working medium through the flow part of the unit. Providing the required granulometric composition (5–20 μm) occurs due to the formation of intense vortex structures in the flow part of the unit, providing a high velocity gradient. Pumping of the working medium occurs due to centrifugal forces that arise when the liquid is accelerated by the impeller.

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