Distance learning management systems

Purpose. For the use of electronic learning materials in all forms of education.

Application area. Education.

Advantages. A feature of the distance learning management system is its multifunctionality, providing:

  • organization of the student’s educational activities (from the moment of application until completion of the training program);
  • organizing the work of teachers to support distance learning courses;
  • full life cycle of materials from preliminary planning of the course structure and creation of materials to their implementation in the educational process;
  • clear distribution of functionality of user groups (administrators, course authors, teachers, students);
  • functioning of an electronic messaging system with the ability to send copies of reports by email and RSS syndication;
  • formation of different training programs and groups with special databases of educational materials.

Description. The key components of this system are support for various interactive learning tools, a full cycle of development and use of electronic educational materials, and an operating system for dividing user responsibilities based on the distribution of roles.

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