On May 24, 2024, the course “Manifold Learning” starts

Level: advanced

English language

Format: online

Course duration: 15 hours (0.5 ECTS)

Start: from 05/24/2024 (independent passage)

Availability: self-study based on video and text materials on the KAU online platform, passing the final test;

Target audience: Undergraduate and postgraduate students specializing in computer science, applied physics, materials science, bioinformatics.


Teachers: Ph.D., Vitaly Timchishin, junior researcher at the Kyiv Academic University (KAU), junior researcher at the Institute of Theoretical Physics named after. MM. Bogolyubova;
Ph.D. Vladimir Bezguba, senior researcher at KAU, head of the Laboratory for Data Research and Machine Learning at KAU;

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of higher mathematics and programming obtained upon receipt of a bachelor’s degree. Basic knowledge of Python. Fundamentals of machine learning knowledge.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding of specialized machine learning techniques such as manifold learning and topological data analysis.

The ability to determine the need and effectiveness of these methods for one’s own tasks and directly apply them in one’s own projects.

The course is free. After passing it, all participants who complete the program and pass the tests will receive certificates with the amount of ECTS credits (0.5 credits).

The preparation and teaching of courses was carried out by DNU “Kiev Academic University” within the framework of the BOOSTalent project, funded by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation.