An educational program on innovative business starts

The Innov8 Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as part of the Seeds of Bravery project, begins enrollment in the practical online program Science2Business. The initiative is aimed at supporting Ukrainian scientists who intend to monetize their research and projects, turning them into innovative businesses.

About the program

The program course includes lectures, workshops, hackathons, support for speakers and mentors, as well as independent work on projects and startups in the following areas:

  • basics of entrepreneurship;
  • design thinking;
  • creating a viable product;
  • skills in idea promotion and business communication;
  • validation of ideas;
  • creating a business model structure.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical skills that will help move from the research stage to a viable business model, as well as get their business ideas in front of potential partners.

For whom?

Ukrainian scientists who are working on innovative solutions, services, products and are looking for ways to implement them in the following areas can take part in the program:

  • Agricultural technology. Ideas in the areas of agricultural drones, development of seeding technologies, soil improvement, efficient water management, optimization of fertilizers and plant protection products.
  • Biotechnology. Projects focus on plant and pharmaceutical research, animal, marine, food and industrial biotechnology, fermentation, genomic technologies, synthetic biology and biosensors.
  • Environmental technologies. Developments in the field of soil detoxification, mine clearance, waste management, ecosystem restoration, technologies for reducing air and water pollution.
  • Energy. Innovations in solar and wind energy, ideas for energy storage and transmission, batteries, developments for protection from shelling or natural disasters, hydrogen energy, bioenergy.
  • Information and communication technologies. Development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science, cybersecurity, blockchain and quantum computing.
  • Space technologies. Ideas aimed at working with radio research, satellites and geodata in various fields: ecology, bioresearch, agriculture, space missions, communications, navigation.
  • Materials Science and Physics. Innovative solutions for the oil and gas, mining and defense industries, materials welding technologies, quantum and quantum mechanics projects, super/semiconductors, magnets, perovskites, photonics, new composite materials and nanomaterials.
  • Educational technologies. Research promoting better learning experiences through AI, gamification, AR&VR, 3D modeling, inclusive technologies, adaptive learning and educational platforms.
  • Healthcare. Projects aimed at improving the quality of life: genetic technologies, pharmaceutical developments, startups and applications in the field of mental health, military medicine, medical diagnostics, telemedicine and medical equipment
  • Robotics. Development of drones for various purposes, UAV technologies, robotic solutions in logistics, medical robotics and industrial automation
  • Dual-Use Technologies Ideas focused on defense technologies: UAVs, USVs, mine clearance technologies, electronic warfare equipment and techniques, communications and radars, cybersecurity
  • Chemistry. AI and MedTech, Quantum Chemistry Development, Drug Development, Green Chemistry, New Materials and Chemical Synthesis.

How to participate?

To participate in the program, you must fill out the registration form. The deadline for submission is July 10, 2024.

You can view the details of the program by following the link.