UNIT.City Innovation Park has announced a competition for startups


UNIT.City Innovation Park launches Sector X acceleration hub and announces startup competition.

UNIT.City brings together companies, startups, students, professionals and research labs around it. The park creates conditions for businesses to grow faster. The mission of the park is to create an innovative environment and a creative atmosphere for work, life and creativity in order to develop new technologies and entrepreneurship.

Project submitting teams receive an acceleration program, team placements at UNIT.City Innovation Park, client and partner with whom you can pilot, attend regular events (workshops, lectures, sessions), credits from AWS and Digital Ocean and the opportunity to attract investments from the Hub’s investment partners.

All the work in the hub is done within the framework of industrial tracks. Right now, the tracks Logistics, Medicine and Beauty have been launched with partners Foxtrot, Pharmac and Loreal respectively. In the future they promise even more tracks and partners.

There are various conditions for participating startups – from free participation up to $ 690 per program. The number of seats in the hub is limited.

More details on the site. Deadline for first wave applications is January 31, 2020.


Source: hmarochos.kiev.ua