Oversized spherical mirror space reflector


Large-sized spherical mirror space reflector, which can be assembled in transport position. Radial rods are enclosed along a central pneumatic cylinder with a hole, inside of which are two pistons with rods at the ends, to which are attached hinges connecting the radial rods and rods, on which are located bushings that hold a cylindrical band spring that opens a plastic metalized ball that is attached to a flange with a mounting lug, through which a vacuum tube passes, connected to a hollow stem, to the end of which a throttle valve with an electromagnetic control system and a vacuum pump are connected. Thanks to its large diameter, the reflector can store a significant amount of solar energy and focus it on solar silicon cells, increasing their power generation efficiency. Such a reflector can work with a heat accumulator, with a steam generator and an electric generator as part of an electric solar station.


When using a large-diameter spherical reflector in optical astronomy, there is a real opportunity to create a space telescope with a light mobile main mirror (reflector) up to 20 meters, unlike existing glass prototypes, several meters in diameter, which will lead to innovations in optical astronomy.


The task of the model is to ensure the possibility of minimizing the height of the confinement of the reflector in the transport position, for a wide range of dimensions and shapes of reflectors, which will expand the range of possible layout solutions when placing spacecraft in a limited area under the head fairing of the launch vehicle, as well as ensuring the required shape accuracy over the entire plane the surface of the reflector with a decrease in the number of elements of the reflector structure, which leads to its simplification, a decrease in mass and, as a consequence, an increase in the reliability of the design, the quality and speed of bringing the reflector into the working position. A large-sized spherical mirror space reflector can be used both in space solar stations and in optical telescopes.


A large-sized spherical mirror space reflector can be used both in space solar stations and in optical telescopes.


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