Technology is required for rapid diagnosis of the presence of pesticides in vegetables and fruits

A Ukrainian agro-food and catering company is looking for technology to rapidly diagnose the presence of pesticides in fruits and vegetables through a technical cooperation or licensing agreement.

The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a rapid pesticide detection method by developing nanosensors and providing real-time data to the client via the IoT platform.

System Requirements:

  • measurement time up to 20 minutes, maximum 2 hours with sample preparation;
  • the equipment must be mobile (weight up to 10 kg), allow for use in field conditions (operating temperature range 0..40 ° С and humidity up to 100%);
  • usability: the ability to carry out up to 20 tests on one charge;
  • IoT: there should also be a central server system storing data and test results;
  • cost: in order to be competitive in the market, the cost of mass production of biosensors must be below 1 USD.

To achieve the above goal, the company is looking for partners to conclude a technical cooperation agreement or license agreement for electrochemical or optical biosensor technology to integrate it into its IoT system.

Required parameters for substances to be detected in fruits and vegetables with the desired level of MRR recognition:

  • Chlorpyrifos (MRL: 0.01 mg / kg)
  • Flonicamide (MRL: 0.03 mg / kg)
  • Dithiocarbamine (dithiocarbamate) (MRL: 0.01 mg / kg).