Spherical portable solar power generator


The spherical portable solar power generator is an inflatable pneumatic transparent plastic sphere that has a timing mechanism to track the direction of the sun. Half of the inner surface of the sphere has a metalized mirror reflective coating, and inside the sphere (in the focus of the collected rays) there is a ceramic disk with a battery of thermocouples, which are electrically connected to a voltage regulator and are connected through conductors to the battery terminals and a load switch.


This model is based on an increase in the geometric accuracy of the surface (sphericity) of the reflector, the quality and accuracy of focusing of its reflective surface while increasing the efficiency of using the incident radiation, the lightness of the design, the possibility of folding and transporting, expanding the possibilities of converting a solar power plant with a highly concentrated system by a receiver and reducing heating. receiver.


A spherical portable solar power generator will allow you to get the free electrical energy necessary to power small houses and appliances, where the power of such an electric generator will depend on the diameter of the sphere, the number of thermocouples in the battery and the capacity of the storage battery. In addition, the spherical portable solar power generator can operate in cloudy weather, collecting less invisible infrared radiation.


It is most advisable to use in areas remote from the leading sources of electricity with a large number of sunny days. The invention will be useful to geologists, tourists, the military, machine operators in remote field camps, etc.


Provides consistent results.


A prototype has been made.


Joint industrialization.


1 patent of Ukraine.

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