Technology for the production of titanium parts by powder metallurgy


In cars, airplanes, trains and any other transport, steel is used as the main structural material. It is an easy-to-process substance, but it has significant drawbacks: high weight, low resistance to the corrosive effects of the atmosphere, etc. One of the options for replacing it may be titanium, the main problem of which – high cost – was overcome by domestic scientists. The Ukrainian Institute has developed a technology for producing titanium alloys and parts in a simple and cheap way. It includes only pressing and vacuum sintering of a powder from a hydrogen-titanium compound, that is, traditional titanium powder is replaced by a powder of infused titanium (titanium hydride). This makes it possible to manufacture machine assemblies with specified strength characteristics and, at the same time, simplifies processing. After all, the parts already have a basic shape and require only a little refinement. The estimated cost of 1 kg of titanium parts manufactured using this technology, in conditions of mass industrial production, will be 2-5 times lower than the cost of parts manufactured by the traditional method. Other technologies make it possible to achieve the corresponding characteristics of titanium products with a much more complex technological approach and high production costs. Experimental batches of products with specified characteristics have already been created. It is necessary to adapt the technology for specific products for various purposes (determination of the nomenclature of parts for their manufacture by the proposed method, modification of the design of molds for the manufacture of products of complex geometric shapes, etc.).


    • alloy – Ti-6Al-4V;
    • density – 99%;
    • yield point – 840-860 MPa;
    • tensile strength – 940-990 MPa;
    • elongation – 10-12.5%;
    • fatigue limit – 500 MPa.


    • the hydrogenated powder is half the price of titanium;
    • production of starting raw materials (titanium hydride) at the Zaporizhzhia titanium-magnesium combine;
    • simple set of technological operations;
    • obtaining products of a given shape with the required characteristics.


Production of titanium parts by powder metallurgy.


Enterprises of the aviation, automotive, chemical and oil and gas industries. Manufacturing of medical products.


A significant reduction in the production cost of titanium products while maintaining the unique characteristics of titanium alloys.


Ready for implementation.


Tested in trial operation.


Sale of patents. Sale of licenses. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Creation of a joint venture.


1 patent of Ukraine. 2 patents from other countries.

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