Water treatment to accelerate plant growth


We offer at the stage of water treatment of water for irrigation of plants to carry out its preliminary cavitation treatment, which not only purifies water from pollutants, including biological ones, but also improves the structure of water, bringing it closer to a monocrystalline state favorable for assimilation by the plant and animal world. For the implementation of cavitation treatment of water for watering plants, we recommend energy-saving high-performance vibration resonance electromagnetic cavitators. For high-quality cavitation treatment 2-2.5 cubic meters. m of water vibrocavitator spends only 0.8-1.0 kW of electricity, while reducing the acidity of water to neutral and improving its structure. Depending on the variety of plants, as a result of using cavitation treated water for irrigation, germination increases by 25-40%, the growth rate increases by 20-30%.


    • an increase in the percentage of plant germination;
    • acceleration of the growth and maturation of plant crops;
    • increasing crop yields.


Increase in the productivity of agricultural crops and garden plants.




Ready for implementation.


Ready for implementation.


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4 patents of Ukraine.

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