Development of a nanosatellite of the CUBESAT format

Research area – aviation and space.

Purpose. The nanosatellite is designed to perform the following tasks: Earth remote sensing; calibration of radar stations and optical control systems of outer space; creation of new communication systems; tracking the movement of ships; performing scientific tasks and so on.

Area. The main target groups for the use of nanosatellites are private companies selling certain services; military and law enforcement agencies of states; higher educational institutions of different countries that carry out research in space using nanosatellites.


  1. Weight in U1 configuration (10x10x10 cm) no more than 1.05 kg.
  2. Maximum configuration U6 (10x10x60 cm).
  3. Error in determining the GPS / GLONASS system:
    • by speed – 0.05 m / s;
    • by time – 40 ns;
    • in height – 5 m (typical 3 m);
    • at the coordinates of the place 3 m (typical 2 m).
  1. The system consists of the following subsystem modules:
    • power supply module;
    • radio channel module;
    • control module;
    • payload module (installed at the request of the Customer).

Description. The Ukrainian University has developed the first domestic nanosatellite, which is already successfully operating in a near-earth sun-synchronous orbit. The development is based on the use of our own original results of scientific and technical achievements in different areas of science. In particular, the scientists used their honeycomb-panel carbon-fiber structures, with which they integrated photo-silicon converters with an efficiency of up to 20%. An experimental solar battery powers all the electronic systems of the nanosatellites. The development of radio communication and radio control channels is based on the original solutions of antennas and digital programmable circuitry. Solar coordinate sensors, their algorithmic and software software, as well as an electronic board with a central processor, with the help of which all subsystems of the spacecraft are controlled, have been created especially for the nanosatellite. The developer offers its services for the development of both a platform for satellites of the CUBESAT format together with a ground flight control station as a whole, and its individual components. The deadline for the completion of the work depends on the specific task and is discussed in each individual case.

Advantages. The main competitive advantages of nanosatellites include: the use of GPS / GLONASS transmitters, which was used for the first time on this kind of spacecraft, as well as photoelectric converters with increased efficiency and lifetime, minimizing the effect of radiation.

Readiness. It needs improvement.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Sale of patents.

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