Development and creation of a system for remote monitoring of the combat effectiveness of a modern fighter

Research area – military.

Purpose. The development is designed to alert and provide timely medical assistance in the event of a loss of combat capability by a soldier.

Area. Armed forces of Ukraine.

Description. The Ukrainian Institute proposes to develop and create a domestic system for remote monitoring of the combat effectiveness of personnel of the armed forces. This system is a special outfit with built-in medical sensors (pressure sensor, body temperature sensor, pulse rate sensor, blood oxygen level sensor, EEG sensor, ECG sensor), sensors of external influences and environmental parameters (radiation background sensor, analyzer chemical poisonous substances, gyrometers, air temperature sensor, photosensor, anemometer, analyzer of biological substances), tactical environment and location equipment (location sensor, radio transmitter of collected parameters, radio transmitter of photo / video data). They transmit information to a remote computer. On a remote computer, this information is processed, and the result of processing is an assessment of the condition of the soldier according to the criterion “combat-ready / non-combat-ready”.

Advantages. Domestic equipment will be several times cheaper than foreign counterparts.

Readiness. Working documentation has been developed.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Sale of patents.

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