Emergency zone monitoring technology using small unmanned aerial vehicles

Research area – information resources and technologies.

Purpose. Remote monitoring of the disaster zone; identification of potentially dangerous objects; communication in search and rescue units.

Area. Search and rescue operations.

Description. The Ukrainian Institute has developed a technology for organizing search and rescue operations with the involvement of aviation search and rescue equipment through the use of sensor networks, monitoring signal sensors and geographic information technologies. An improved method for plotting the optimal flight route for UAVs is proposed for collecting information from remote sensors according to the criterion of the minimum distance traveled. The need for external investments to complete the project is 300 thousand UAH. The payback period is 2 years.


  • operational planning and deployment of a UAV network in a natural disaster zone during search and rescue operations;
  • increasing the performance of a telecommunications network using UAVs by 15-20%;
  • reduction of UAV fuel consumption by an average of 13-15%;
  • increasing the UAV remote control range up to 40 km;
  • the ability to equip UAVs with sensors for various purposes;the 
  • convenient portable complex of the UAV remote control system;
  • organization of video transmission in real time.

Readiness. Laboratory tested.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Sale of patents.

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