Hearing aid model

Field of research – medicine.

Purpose. The hearing aid is intended for people with hearing impairments. The model can be disguised as a regular player, which will help people feel more confident.

Area. Department of Otolaryngology.

Description. The Ukrainian inventor has developed a unique model of the hearing aid, which, despite the extremely low cost of materials and simplicity of design, is not inferior in its technical characteristics to its foreign counterparts. The model has a very simple design and is a small rectangular case with headphones that resembles an MP3 player. The development consists of a microphone, an internal amplifier and a battery. A microphone, an electric amplifier and a telephone form the electroacoustic path of the hearing aid. The microphone converts sound vibrations into an electrical signal. The amplifier increases the power of this signal and then it is fed to the phone. The phone of the device is connected to the body with a cord and is placed in the auricle. Instead of earmolds, which are an indispensable part of conventional hearing aids, the developer suggests using vacuum headphones. This approach can reduce the price of the device, because the headphones are much cheaper and last longer than ear buds. The outer shell of the device can be reduced in half, making it more convenient to use.

Advantages. Fundamentally new in the device is the use of conventional available radioelements. Previously, all companies tried to develop a separate microcircuit specifically for each hearing aid model.

Technical and economic effect. The uniqueness of the device is that it is ten times cheaper compared to models already on the market. It only costs about $ 6, while factory hearing aids start at $ 75 and go up to over $ 3,000 depending on the model.

Readiness. Laboratory tested.

Cooperation. Joint bringing to the industrial level. Sale of patents. Sale of licenses.

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